Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby Shower Numero Uno

This past weekend my sister in law, sister and mom threw me a family baby shower and it was so amazing. We had about 25-30 people show up and we played some fun games.

First we did the clothespin game where everybody got a clothespin and you couldn't say "Baby" or "Sawyer". If you said either of those words, the person that heard you got your pin. Whoever ended up with the most at the end won.

Second we did the baby food game. My sister laid out 7 different baby foods and you could identify the baby food by smelling or tasting it. Whoever got the most right won.

Third we did a beer bottle chugging game. We filled the baby bottles to 4 oz and whoever chugged the beer out of the bottle with the nipple won.

Last we did a basket of goodies game. My sister walked the basket around to everyone and told them to remember as many baby items as the could. She then handed out pens and paper and you had to write down as many as you could remember. Whoever wrote the most won.

They were simple, yet fun game! Everyone had a great time. We served four different kinds of sandwiches, pink deviled eggs, a fruit and veggie tray, rice krispy treats, a beautiful cake, fantastic cookies, candies and a cake ball dip. Sawyer is going to be so spoiled by the time she gets here and she has an abundance of wonderful people in her life already.

My friend baby shower will be coming up on March 7!

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