Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mohawk Rug Review and a Fresh New Entry Way

Oh happy day!!!! My mohawk rug came in sooooo fast! I won the giveaway from over at  Rain on A Tin Roof and I absolutely positively LOVE IT. It is everything I was thinking it would be and more. I placed my order on Feb 12, which was last Wednesday and got it yesterday! Awesome turn around!
Just look at it. It made my entry way so much more welcoming and pretty and it also inspired me to jazz up our "temporary" entry table. I am looking for something longer  like a console table or dresser that I can put baskets under to store shoes and such. 
Here is our entryway before the beautiful Gray Trellis Rug and styling.
It rolled out nice and smooth, except for a couple of little bumps and some extra threading was on it, so I just vacuumed it real quick. You can kind of see the bumps below. After one run over with the vacuum it was perfect. 
It is more of a gray blue in my opinion, but that is perfect because our living room paint color is more of a gray blue as well. The outline is a darker gray/blue color as well. We plan on painting the entry way a shade of gray, I just haven't decided if I want to do the same color as the living room or a lighter shade with maybe some white stripes. Like THIS or THIS or THIS or THIS. I would probably only do that wall that is on the side with the entry table so it isn't too overwhelming with stripes on all of the walls.
We will also be installing hardwood floors eventually and replacing the light fixtures.

This love printable can be found HERE.
I love this quote. It reminds me each morning to be grateful for the job and life I have. 
You can get this printable too, HERE.

The "You are my Sunshine" printable can be found HERE.

And at night time I love the glow that the little lamp sets off on the photos and quotes. 
I told my husband I could just live in there now. It is the best to walk in and out of this area every day. My younger sister came over last night and said it feels much more home-y now.

With Love, Dez

Monday, February 17, 2014

Free Instant Bathroom Decor

Trey's (my step-son) bathroom needed some art, badly. I couldn't find anything I liked at Hobby Lobby for a reasonable price and stumbled on these adorable FREE printables from The link is below. I just popped them into some black frames that I had laying around and their you have it. Instant Art... for free.

With Love, Dez

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Grandmothers Vanity Makeover

I am back... WOO-HOO. I took a very long break off the blog because I was stuck in a rut of not doing anything new to the house and I am ready to start it back up. 

I have been on the lookout for a Vanity/Desk to add to our master bedroom for a couple of months now. I wanted to add it to my side of the bed to double as a Vanity/Nightstand. I have been getting dressed in front of a mirror while sitting on the floor for YEARS and I was so tired of it.. I was cleaning my makeup brushes constantly because I felt like they were dirty with dog hair and dust from being stored so low to the floor. I had everything thrown into a basket and makeup bags and it was far from organized. I hated it, to say the least. I was at my dads house with my younger sister when we heard a really loud crash from the garage, so we went to see what it was. Low and behold it was the mirror to my grandmothers vanity that was being stored in the garage. JUST SITTING THERE COLLECTING DUST. I asked my sister who was going to use it and she said no-one. This was my AHA moment. I called my dad and asked him if he was planning on doing anything with it and if not, if I could have it. He said I could and brought it to my house a couple of days later. Now this is no fancy vanity and had been sanded and stained in some spots and other spots were left like the original. My dad had planned to fix it up, but never got around to it. 

Here are a few of my Pinterest ideas for what I wanted my vanity to kind of look like. 
Now for the before pictures... Let me just tell you that it was not the prettiest thing, but I knew I could bring her back to life and make her look fabulous again.

The majority of it was sanded, except one drawer that was completely still like the original (bottom right). The top right drawer is broken where that gap is, so I still need to nail/wood glue it down. I sanded the one lone drawer down and started painting with my favorite Valspar Antique White. I have also used this paint here and here.

My Omy's vanity needed some TLC. 

Here she is after sanding and the first coat of paint.

And here she was after the second coat. I only did two coats on the majority of it and had to do a third in a couple of places.

It looked so much better. Fresh and clean and fabulous. Since I had the paint out already, I decided to paint a couple of old wood picture frames that my dad gave me that original had baby photos in them. I plan on using them for a collage wall in the entry way eventually.

And here she is sitting pretty in our room
Ok so when we got it into the room and semi-styled. (That mirror was just to get a feel for everything, I borrowed it from the dining room, but it definitely wasn't staying.)  Their was one thing that just wasn't going to work for me... It was really low... Like I mean, really really low. I was not liking it. I brainstormed with my husband and dad and we came up with removing the old legs and placing a piece of 3/4 in plywood to the bottom and securing with nails and then adding in new longer legs. 
These are the best pictures that I have to explain.

It was perfect! It came out to the same height as my husbands night stand and sat flush with the top mattress. WOILA! 
Don't mind the missing piece of wood in the bottom left drawer. We still need to fix that. 
Some different styling setups. 

I can't wait to fix that missing piece, it drives me crazy. 
You can pick up this super gorgeous "Lip Art" here

I got this beautiful mirror on VarageSale, which is a local moms online garage sale, for only $15.00!!! It is super super heavy.

I hope you enjoyed :)

With Love, Dez

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