Monday, October 28, 2013

Dining Room Table Update

I have had my eye on this table from Pottery Barn for some time now, but was not super excited to spend over $800.00 for the table alone.... 
Until low and behold..... a mom in my town posted one on the Moms Swap N Shop Page for ONLY $100.00!!!! SOLD! Except, hers also came with four chairs AND the leaf! Double awesome!!!
The table definitely needed an update so I bought some Valspar Antique White Paint to bring it back to life. This first picture is after a little sanding:
After the first coat of paint
Can you believe the chairs were painted these colors???? Um.... No thank you. I chose to do them the same antique white for now. I can always add cushions or buy new chairs later. 
AHHH Much better! 
And here they are after the second coat of paint! So pretty! This room still has a long way to go. I need to figure out what color I want to paint it and take out the wallpaper in the bottom boxes. Any ideas on what was I should go in this room are much appreciated. ;) 
I also need to get a new light fixture, because the ones that came in our house are very cheap and ugly. :(

Some of my inspiration for dining room ideas are like these:
I really like the bold stripes and colors of this dining room... However, I think I could do the walls in the same gray as our living room and cross wall with maybe either lighter gray stripes or maybe even white stripes... I am in LOVE with this type of light fixture!!! I could throw in pops of black or pops of a color..
I love all of these bold, romantic colors! That wall paint color with those gold accents are definitely swoon worthy!!!! AHHHHHome and Garden Design Ideas
I love the simplicity of this room! White and light grays with light blues.. So peaceful and serene. And again that light fixture!!!
Shabby Chic is pretty much my heart. I love it. We did our wedding in a Shabby Chic theme and it is just so delicate and pretty!

Okay maybe I just like all of these different versions because of the light fixture.... Oh well this is more rustic-y and casual, but yet charming and homey feeling.
Now I want to go redo my dining room right this second....
With Love, Dez


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