Friday, October 11, 2013

This Wallpaper.... ACKKKK

When we moved into our new home they had the wall between the entry way and living room wallpapered. This wallpaper was maroon, thick, didn't match the house and it was down right UGLY!! (Do you see that ugly green color on the stairway to the left? The WHOLE living room was that color!!! That was the first project I had to tackle, I will post that soon.) My husband and I have never dealt with wallpaper so we tried a few different things... First we tried boiling water and transferring it into a spray bottle and then spraying on the wall and trying to remove.... NO! This method was no bueno. Like I said we have never dealt with wallpaper and I don't know if it is normal for there to be 3-4 layers... but it was the wallpaper, then another layer, then the paper like layer (that turned yellow) and then another layer of glue. Since our spray bottle method wasn't working, it was off to Lowes for the hubby. He came back with this
It comes in a purple bottle with a yellow lid and it is called Piranha Wallpaper and Paste Remover Liquid Spray. The steps are spray from top to bottom and rub the squishy thing over it to let the spray soak in. Then you start scraping it off. I realized when you really let it soak in for about five minutes per section before you start to peel, it worked much better and was easier to remove. Be careful with the scraper and don't get to crazy with it, or you will get some nicks in the wall :0. After it was all removed and we gave the wall time to dry, we painted in the same color grey as the living room. 
The color we chose to paint this wall is Valspar Hazy Stratus Semigloss. We always do the paint +primer to save a step. 
ANDDDDD here is the final product!!!!
We love it so much more than that terrible wallpaper!!

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