Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life's a Beach!

So not last weekend, but the weekend before we went to Port Aransas for the weekend and it was so much fun! My dad was working in Corpus and got us a Condo to stay in (so nice of him). We left right after our football game, which we may or may not have won!
We arrived in Port A at about 3 and went straight for the beach, after purchasing Trey a boogie-board, of course.
Trey with said boogie-board being eaten by the shark!!!
We made sand castles, ran from the waves, did some boogie-boarding and just good ole family bonding!! My dad took us out for a late dinner and every restaurant we went to had at least an hour wait!!!! Why is the beach so busy on a Saturday night in OCTOBER???? We think it is because their was some kind of motorcycle thing going on in Corpus where the cast of SONS OF ANARCHY was attending!!! No we didn't venture over to Corpus to see if we could run into my husband JAX, since we had little man with us! WAHHHHH. Maybe next time, Jax! 
After dinner we went back down to the pool with Trey and Poppie G (my dad). It was pretty chilly so we went to walk the beach for a little while. UMMMMMM we saw probably 10 jelly fish in a matter of five minutes of walking. Trey was not digging it and said "Ok guys you have had your fun, lets get out of here!!!!" It was pretty funny. We left around lunch time on Sunday, because bad weather was rolling in. It was an awesome weekend at the beach with the family, with nothing to do, but enjoy each other's company!
With Love, Dez

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