Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quick Easy Garage Upgrade

I saw this pin on pinterest right before we moved into our new house and loved the look and how cheap and easy it appeared to be to tackle... I ordered our kit from HomeDepot.com, because Lowes didn't have this kit. Home Depot only had the Fleur De Lis version available so I ordered it and I think it came to $25.00 with shipping and tax. We got it in the following week and my hubby and I went to work with installing it. Oh-Em-Geeeee it was so easy! 
Here is our garage before... I know I know it is not the best shot, but I don't have a lot of times for these things, because my hubs is a big time RUSHER! 
The cars were in the driveway so I had to work with what I had...
Our helper...

Trey was also our photo taker for a while... ;) Maybe he will be a photographer one day... very creative!
And after! Ahhh it adds so much charm and curb appeal and for that cheap... Count me in!
Now don't judge me for my landscaping, this was only after living here for a few weeks! I have tackled that overgrowth dilemma... but I honestly SUCK at landscaping. I can't even keep a fern alive! I have trimmed the roses and the pink fringe bushes, but the roses are not seeming to come back to life, even with regular watering... :( I am going to wait until next season to see if they come to life, if not we will pull them out and try our hand at something else. I'll show you an update of the front yard real soon!
It's the little cheap things in life, guys!
With Love, Dez

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