Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lawn Furniture Update

We had some old lawn furniture in our backyard that I completely hated, but knew we needed to keep for all of our get together's with friends and family. We couldn't ditch our extra seating without buying new and new furniture was not it the budget...... so here are some before pics:

So ugly!!! I hated to look at it and thought it was so drab and blah when we went out in our back yard. After a little brainstorming, I decided spray paint would be my best bet. So I went to Lowes and bought some Valspar Outdoor Color in the Gloss Peacock Blue and Valspar Primer for Plastic Interior/Exterior. I laid out an old sheet and placed the chairs and table on it and did a coat of the primer and let it dry for about 10 minutes. It doesn't take long to dry in the 100 degree Texas heat. After the primer coat dried I did a coat of the Peacock Blue on each chair and the table and once they dried I went back and did a second coat. Make sure you do thin coats so they don't look clumpy. 
Here is the finished project:

Just a little color, some cozy throw pillows and table decor and it made that sitting area look SOOOOO much prettier!!! I am very happy with the update and it was so reasonable to do! I did this project back in July and now in October it looks like I just did it yesterday! No chipping or peeling whatsoever!

I will do a post on my spray painted craigslist lamps soon, so make sure you check back!!!
With Love, Dez

Have you done any spray painting projects lately???

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