Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cabinet Reorganization

When we moved into our house in July, I kind of just put things away as quickly as possible. Now that I am getting into the settling stage, I am starting to reorganize. Our kitchen isn't the biggest with the most storage, but it isn't the smallest either. Our cabinets go up really high, to where I need a chair or the counter to stand on in order to reach. It was very ugly before, take a look for yourself. 
Anyone else notice the second shelf from the top, just taking up space... I mean really.
So I moved out those lovely Wurstfest pitchers and started to put all of my cookbooks in there.
It is a little better, right?
I can never leave good enough alone, so I took the paper plates out and put them in the pantry and rearranged some bowls.
It is just visually more appealing to my eye. Of course after all of this rearranging and organizing, I ask my hubby to come take a look and he says, "What did you change?" AHHHHHHHH
As long as I can tell the difference, I am happy!

My little Christmas bowls are peeking out, waiting for their turn to take center stage! Almost little guys, almost!

I can't wait for the day, that I am brave enough and sure of the color to paint our kitchen cabinets. I have read soooooo many tutorials, but I am the biggest chicken. I think I will start in our bathroom first, just to make sure I know somewhat of what I am doing... One day, I will. I will keep you posted on my lack of decision making and extreme chicken-ism.

Until then, Dez


  1. It looks fantastic! :)

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