Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween- Part 2 (Actually) and a little Wurstfest!

Happy late Halloween from the Martin's!!! I have a little back tracking to do. I was holding off on these pictures, waiting on our family Pumpkin Patch pictures (which I will upload as soon as I get them), but I thought I would show you a few from the Pumpkin Patch.
He thought this pumpkin was seriously the funniest thing he had ever laid eyes on!
Don't mess with the Ninja! He has got serious skills!

TWO NINJAS!!! What What??
We like to try on our black Halloween lipstick for fun! Don't judge...

Every year in our little town either right around Halloween or right after, we have our annual WURSTFEST! If you haven't been, then you are seriously missing  out... Beer, sausage, all the fried food you could think of (fried oreos) polka bands and the chicken dance! I mean seriously... does it get better than that???
Acutally it does get better.... Bring your brother!
And your sister and sister-in-law
Take a family picture (missing one sibling)
Bring a great friend and fellow football mom.
AND DON'T FORGET YOUR HUSBAND (he's the best part!)

We had way to much fun! Wurstfest is seriously called "The ten day salute to sausage!"
You can check it out here: Wurstfest

With Love, Dez

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