Monday, April 14, 2014

Guestroom Reveal and Decordeaux Pillow Review

I don't think I have ever posted photos of our dreaded "purple" room on the blog before, but holy cow was it a bad situation... Like worse than Mike, The "Situation". When we moved in one of the upstairs bedrooms was painted a lighter color of purple with darker purple stripes. It looked like Barney had thrown up everywhere and so what should have been our guest bedroom became a dumping ground and cemetery for decor not being used. I literally HATED the sight of the room, so the door stayed close and only got cleaned up when we had visitors. We are going to have a house full next weekend for Easter so I decided to get a move on with the guest room and "just do it". Guess what??? I just did it! The hubs, myself and the sweet boy loaded up early saturday morning and headed for Lowes to find the perfect color. I am all about grey right now and I wanted to find a light neutral gray that is more in the greige family then the blue-grey family. Guess what else?? We found the perfect color in the "As Is" pile. I am always so scared to buy from the pile, but it was only $5.00 so I said what the heck, what could be the worse thing? We got to painting over that beautiful purple room and I did all I could to choke back sobs. (Sarcastic of course.)

Can you believe we lived with this room looking like this for um..... 9 WHOLE months??

I got scared after the first coat was still wet and drying on that first wall... really really scared. It looked bad. I was thinking we made a really bad choice by choosing that discounted paint for five bucks....
We cranked up the fan to help the process and I said a quick prayer to the Good Lord to please help this paint turn around and fifteen minutes later it was a beautiful beautiful thing. I loved LOVED the color. It was perfect.

I won the black and white chevron pillow from a Centsationalgirl Giveaway. The pillows came from Decordeaux and they are so fabulous and comfy! They are made extremely well and are so cushy and pretty. I picked the black and white chevron for my guestroom and the havock pillow in the darker blue color for my living room. I am not kidding about how comfy they are. We each try to steal it when we are watching a movie in the living room. I will be posting a living room post featuring the havock pillow in blue soon. 

I found the FAMILY printable at Shanty-2-Chic for free. I just print and cut each letter out on thick card-stock, punched two holes in each one and threaded twine through the holes and tacked them up.  Easy peasy. I am wanting to either find or make a tufted headboard or add an old door for a head board. 

Ugh I cannot get the wrinkles out of the comforter, I ironed it three times! I got the white curtains from Target, you can find them HERE.

Their isn't much you can do around a big old tv and dvd player, but I didn't want to leave the guests with nothing, so I tried to disguise it as much as I could. I styled some books in the colors of the room next to it.

I started a little gallery wall with a painting that my mom did, that I still want to get framed in a big black chunky frame and some printables and pictures. I try to change out the pictures with different guests. So for Easter it will be my mom and brothers and sisters and my sister in law and her family.

I added a mirror above the dresser to serve as a little dressing area where they can do their makeup and hair and such.

I don't know the name of the paint color since it was an AS IS selection. :(

And just because before and afters are always so fun...

Are you sprucing up your guest room for family that may be visiting over the Easter holiday?


  1. I love before and afters! It's amazing what some $5 paint can do. What a steal. This is beautiful. Great job, Dez.

    1. Ahh thanks so much Ashley. I am loving this room. Is it bad that I want to sleep in there???? HAHA I also wanted to ask if you designed your own blog?

  2. Hey Girl! It's Deonna from the Child at Heart blog. I was just stopping by to say hello! I love the after. Painting over stripes is such a bear! The little pendant banner is SO cute! I am doing a great spring necklace giveaway and would love for you to come by and enter to win :) Have a joyful week!

    1. Thank you so much. I just hopped over to your blog to enter. That coral necklace is wayyyyyy cute. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Oh my gosh "like Barney threw up"! That is an awesome description! I love the new color and look of the room it's sophisticated now!

    1. Haha thanks girl! That's all I could think of when I walked into that room.


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