Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Junk Drawer Organization

Wanna see a hot mess????
Well check out our junk drawer! I have tried with this baby... tried and tried and tried. See the little cereal box dividers? Well they weren't working for me, because NO ONE would follow the system. Even me.
Ugh I could break out in hives looking in there.

I had bought this divider thing thinking I would it use it for out larger utensils, but it was too big and wouldn't fit in the drawer, so I decided to try it out in the junk drawer and it fit. :)
Sorry for the terrible IPhone photos. I started doing this out of the blue and didn't have the camera around.
Underneath the rubble, I do have pretty liners. See, I try.
I just stuck the large divider it the drawer, after wiping it clean. I have batteries, earphones, and miscellaneous small electronic items in the back left corner and chalk, uno cards and learning mat crayons in the top left. Next to the batteries and such are my step-sons flash cards that we use daily to practice spelling words. Located on the right of those are pens and a pack of cards, for the occasional game of goldfish. To the far right is a small sewing kit with hot hands? on top of that... and pencils and marks are also in the far right. Don't ask me why we have hand warmers.... In the very front of the drawer in the excess space outside of the dividers are small note pads, lighters, matches and our long lighter. 
It may not be beautiful, but I don't have a full on anxiety attack when looking for chalk or pens or tryinf to get the drawer to close anymore!
Hopefully I have encouraged you to go organize a drawer, it only takes 10 minutes.
With Love, Dez


  1. It looks great! Awesome idea! <3

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    1. Thanks sweetie! I love a quick fix to make me feel better!


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