Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My 4th of July weekend

This year for the 4th of July we didn't do too much. We barbecued with my best friend and her boyfriend on Friday and went to the park to enjoy some fireworks. I was feeling really blessed this 4th of July that we even have the opportunity to celebrate this holiday. A hometown hero, Thomas Spitzer, was killed in action in Afghanistan late June and he was flown home on the 4th of July, where they drove him from our towns small airport to the funeral home. It was such an amazing thing to see our town come together to show their support. People lined the streets of the procession all the way from the airport to the funeral home. Thanks to him and all of the other men and women that have served or are serving to allow us our freedom. 
I made some festive rice crispy treats. YUM

We also went swimming on Friday, in between bbq and fireworks. I kind of love our town during summer, except it is FILLED with tourist.

 Then when we got back home late friday night, we sat in our backyard and enjoyed some more fireworks.

4th of July isn't the same without our sweet guy. He is visiting his mom for the summer and will be home early August. Can't wait to see him!! 

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