Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Home During Christmas

I don't know if you can tell that I kind of sort of like Christmas... Well in case you didn't figure it out thus far... I do... A LOT! If I could put up my Christmas stuff right after Halloween, I would. However, my husband's favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving and so I wait. We put our Christmas stuff up the weekend before Thanksgiving this year, because we weren't hosting Thanksgiving at our house and wouldn't have time to the weekend after. Here are some pictures!
It is a tradition for Trey Dog to put the star on the top!
Picking out his favorite ornaments.
We bought this tree two years ago when we were living in our teeny tiny rental house, so next year we will be doing a BIG REAL tree! No complaining from us though, we are blessed to even have a Christmas Tree.
That small section of lights went out on me and I just don't have the patience to find the one bulb that chooses to ruin it for the rest. :(

My little Chef helper enjoys taking dance breaks in between breading the pork chops.
Remember when Trey's ninja-go characters taped Jake to the wall and tried to force him back to the North Pole, HERE, well Jake wasn't gonna take it, so he got revenge!

I got this super cute printable, HERE. They seriously have the cutest printables, and they are FREE!
Trey and I LOVE our Christmas village that I got on our towns Swap N Shop page for $20!! It is so magical!

WARNING: Chocolate Addict! He cannot be tamed!

Bad Bad Elf!

With Love, Dez


  1. I like your Christmas pillows! I was thinking of getting some for our couch...xo

    1. Thank you! I got the white one from Hobby Lobby on clearance after Christmas last year and I think the green one is from Ross, but I am not positive. :0 I think Christmas pillows really liven up a room. Love them

  2. Oh, your apothecary jar looks like the little cousin of the one I just bought yesterday! I filled mine with peppermints :)


    1. I am in LOVE with apothecary jars. BTW I love your blog!


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